Toe Warmers Winter Boots (Michelle) Front Zipper

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Proudly made in Canada with care Toewarmers Canada boots are perfectly designed for the great white north's winter season.  Easy care “commodore” fabric uppers (Waterproof), “warmtex” sock lining, and TPR weather-resistant outsole prepares you for the winter elements. An easy on full front zipper 2w (width) creates a superb warm fitting boot.


                                      Workmanship & Details

  • Brand: Toewarmers Canada
  • Style: Michelle Mid Zip Boot
  • Brand: Toewarmers Canada
  • Upper: Commodore waterproof fabric
  • Inner: Thermal reflective insole/Soft Lining surface/foam cushioning layer
  • Outsole: TPR weather-resistant  (Rubber)
  • Width: 2 W
  • Location: Made In Canada with pride and care