Slip-on Loafers -EXTRA WIDE- Rieker

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Your choice of shoes can have a major impact on how productive you are during the workday. Office shoes must be comfortable and supportive to help maintain proper posture and reduce fatigue that may lead to decreased focus, productivity, or even injury. Good office shoes will support your feet and ankles while still providing flexibility to help keep you energized throughout the day.  William from Rieker Shoes offers men premier comfort and is constructed with natural leather materials. This combination allows men to experience proper walking motion and reduce foot fatigue.  




  • Brand: Rieker 
  • Name of Boot: William 
  • Style: Slip-on Loafer 
  • Upper: Leather
  • Inner: Leather 
  • Outsole: Rubber  (provides additional foot support and grip)
  • Construction: Hand-Sewn and glued,
  • Features and Benefits:  EXTRA WIDE 
  • Location: Made In Morroco 
  • Colors: Brown 
  • Sizes: 40-45